Our mission is to eliminate preventable infant
suffocation deaths. Lofty goal, I know. But it’s only
when we set our sights on the impossible that we can
achieve extraordinary results.
In 1994 the American Academy of Pediatrics and NICHD launched the Safe to Sleep or Back to Sleep campaign to spread the message that a baby should be Alone, on their Back in a Crib for safe sleep. This is known as the ABC’s of Sleep and means removing all suffocation hazards like pillows, blankets, and bumpers from the sleep surface. This initiative has cut the incidence preventable suffocation deaths by 50%. It is a wonderfully effective program.

At The Parent Company we believe there are 2 key things that can be done to further reduce risk, increase quality of life, and help babies and parents sleep more soundly.

     1.    First is the removal of the final suffocation hazard, the sleep surface. This means introducing revolutionary breathable sleep surfaces for both the bassinet and the crib.

2.    Second is the reduction of flat head syndrome which, to some degree, affects almost half of all babies within their first year.

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To provide better, safer sleep we have been in product development of the Breathe-Thru™ Sleep System which includes:


    The Breathe-Thru™
    Bassinet Mattress

    (Available in the Fall of 2018)
    • Our revolutionary breathable bassinet mattress makes suffocation worry a thing of the past.
    • The 3D mesh material allows for airflow even if your baby lays face down.
    • Fully washable to clean up after those inevitable messes
    • Fits in any US standard Ovular Bassinet
    • Bassinet mattress is contains no toxic flame retardants. Independently tested to meet or exceed all U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission and Health Canada safety standards for bassinets. JPMA certified and passes Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 certification for safety.

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    Breathe-Thru Bassinet Mattress
    Breathe-Thru Bassinet
    The Breathe-Thru™

    (Available in the Fall of 2018)
    • For ventilation, the Breathe-Thru™ Bassinet has dual side mesh panels and a large sleep area for the Breathe-Thru Bassinet Mattress to create a safe and comfortable nights sleep.
    • Beyond breathability, the transparent mesh panels also give you visibility for secure supervision of your baby.
    • The bassinet is designed without sharp corners to keep babies safe from harm.
    • The bassinet folds flat for easy storage or travel, so you will always be able to provide baby with a safe and comfortable place to sleep any time: at home, on vacation, or visiting family.
    • One of the biggest advantages is that no installation is required, just fold and go.
    • Recommended for babies up to five months of age. Use should be discontinued when infant shows signs of pulling up, rolling over, pushing up to kneeling position.

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    The Breathe-Thru™
    Crib Mattress

    (Available in Winter 2018)

    • This unique design provides many benefits over traditional mattresses, remember, if you can see through it, you can breathe through it!
    • 360° of air surrounding your baby to reduce suffocation risk and risk of CO2 pooling on the mattress surface
    • Dust mite free – eliminating the main cause of asthma and eczema in infants
    • Temperature regulation – no risk of overheating
    • Conforms to baby’s body for unbeatable comfort
    • Mesh surface is fully removable and washable
    • Fits all US standard size cribs
    • Lightweight aluminum frame
    • High-tech mesh surface

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    Breathe-Thru Crib Mattress
    4-in1 Convertable Breathe-Thru Crib
    The 4-in-1 Convertible
    Breathe-Thru™ Crib

    (Available in Winter 2018)
    • With three (3) mattress height adjustment levels to accommodate your growing child, the 4-in-1 Crib features a design that allows it to transform from a crib to a toddler bed, a daybed and finally a full-size bed. (Conversion kits sold separately)
    • Made from solid hardwood, this crib will provide for years of long lasting usage and will be the perfect stylish addition to your nursery.
    • This piece is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, meaning it meets strict chemical emissions limits to contribute to cleaner air.
    • Rigorously tested to meet or exceed all required and voluntary safety standards enacted by the US Product Safety Commission, the American Society of Testing Manufacturers and the Canadian Cribs and Cradles Regulations

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    Head Shaping Pillows

    (Available in Winter 2018)
    • Keep your baby's head round and help your child sleep through the night, so you can too!
    • Protect your Infant (6+ Months) with a breathable pillow that provides substantially more airflow permeability than a normal pillow.
    • The Breathe-Thru™ head shaping pillow reinvents our original head shaping pillow with breathable materials and a streamlined design for comfort and peace of mind.
    • Give your baby the best! Premium breathable 3D mesh are made with organic fibers that exceed the Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 safety certification.

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    Breathe-Thru Head Shaping Pillow
    Best Sleep Swaddle
    Best Sleep™ Swaddle
    (Available in Spring 2019)
    • Stops colic
    • Helps baby sleep better and longer
    • Helps keep babies on their backs
    • Prevents twitching and “starting”
    • Prevents facial scratches
    • Makes breastfeeding easier
    • Easy to wrap and stays put
    • Made of 100% super-soft breathable fabric – perfect for any climate
    • For use up to 14 weeks
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    Best Sleep™
    Compression Garment

    (Available in Spring 2019)

    • Swaddling bundles your baby tightly to simulate their experience in the womb. Within the first 14 weeks babies should be transitioned out of swaddling but they still crave the pressure of the swaddle.
    • The Best Sleep™ Compression garment is designed for babies who are ready to transition from the swaddle, yet still need that cozy, secure feeling to aid in their sleep.
    • The gentle compression along the baby’s entire body simulates swaddling pressure while still allowing for full range of motion with both arms and legs.
    • Designed for back sleeping only in the crib, and should be used with the recommended ABC's of Sleep (Alone, Back, Crib).
    • Once babies show signs they are ready for more freedom of movement in their sleep (e.g. trying to roll over), it is time to transition them from the compression garment to traditional pajamas.

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    Best Sleep Compression Garment
    Best Sleep Pajamas
    Best Sleep™

    (Available in Spring 2019)

    • Pajamas built to last and made with our luxe and lightweight fabric
    • Made with 92% MicroModal® 8% elastane
    • 3x softer than cotton
    • Comfy, durable flatlock stitching

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      So, will you join us in our goal of saving 4,000
babies a year from preventable suffocation accidents
while providing better sleep to both the baby and
their parents?